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Goldsmiths – University of London

The MA in Visual Anthropology is designed for those with a background in anthropology who want to continue their studies through a unique combination of theory and visual practice.

It leaves the definition of visual anthropology wide open and considers various arguments about this sub-field, but also looks beyond immediate disciplinary concerns to enlarge the possibilities for a visual anthropology that’s not only connected with the professional concerns of anthropologists, but also adequately presents anthropologically-informed representations to other audiences.

The programme is convened and taught by Professor Stephen Nugent. Core courses are also taught with contributions from Dr Ricardo Leizaola, Dr Mao Mollona, Dr Roger Sansi-Roca, Dr Emma Tarlo and Dr Chris Wright.

It’s taught through lectures/seminars and hands-on training in the use of digital camcorders, sound recording equipment, and video editing, and your final project is a 20-minute video. The central aim of the programme is the production of visual work within a critical and conceptual framework provided by anthropology. Through compulsory core courses you are introduced to a range of topics which currently include: the anthropology of art; visual anthropology; ethnographic film and cinema studies; and a general anthropological consideration of representation. The production facilities include digital camcorders, a variety of sound recording equipment and Final Cut Pro editing stations, and you will produce a series of practical projects throughout the year.

Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW, UK
Telephone: + 44 (0)20 7919 7171