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Poldox English

Poldox offers a theoretical and practical program in which social sciences and the audiovisual medium coincide. The genre of documentary filmmaking is central to the course.

Poldox was established by DUS media & design in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam and CREA (the cultural organization of the University of Amsterdam) and is running yearly since 2005 . It takes shape as a 12-point optional course for third-year bachelor students in Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Geography and Anthropology.

The Poldox classes are supervised by social scientists and professionals from the written and audiovisual media. The seminars have been developed as such that the participants can refine their research gradually and in the meantime know, in a practical sense, what to expect in the realisation phase. Subjectivity, ethics, academic theory on media, film history, geopolitics, writing for the media, freedom of expression, and visual language are aspects that are emphasized in the educational program.

Their research is published on a selfmade website. Out of the research follows a documentary film. Their final results are shown for an audience and will be publicly  defended in front of a panel of scientists and mediaprofessionals from the industry.



Off Track – community farm ‘Our Delight’ is about a little farm in Amsterdam where being average is of no importance. This paradise offers a shelter for everyone including those who have problems in the ‘normal’ world (www.poldox.nl/buurtboerderij).




Lonely Journey
What happens if someone dies without having any relatives to take care of his funeral? In that case, an official of the city tires to find out as much as possible about the deceased, in order to arrange a funeral. The Foundation ‘Alleen Heen’ even organizes a contribution of a poet. Here you can find the Dutch website of the film, and more information.

[bliptv id=glOCp4ZpAA]


On Air
The Amsterdam based radio station Salto is home to a big variety of different cultural groups, that all make their own radio show here. Learn more about them in this film and click here for the Dutch website about the project.

[bliptv id=glOBqY1SAA]